Move your
dreams to reality

Revolutionizing VR in
Architectural Visualization

Our team mainly focuses into Interactive solutions as virtual, augmented and mixed reality are undoubtedly the future – and for our clients, present – of communicating architectural design.

We understand, media communicates design in various visual languages from still images to motion pictures, virtual and augmented reality. AB Initio has always had an artistic style and been enthusiastic about harvesting the latest technologies, investing in research and development was inevitable.

Best Architectural
Results with Techy Ideas

Virtual Reality (VR)

Completely Digital Environment. Fully enclosed, synthetic experience with no sense of the real world

Augmented Reality (AR)

Real world with digital information overlay. Real world remains central to the experience, enhanced by virtual details.

Merged Reality (MR)

Real and the virtual are intertwined. Interaction with and manipulation of both the physical and virtual environment