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Pinocchio - Children Library

Avere un Sogna (To have a dream)

The proposal of the pinocchio’s children library roots from a question: how to define a child friendly reading space destined to be the most prestigious fairytale Library that also respects the culture and social texture of the territory?

This led to the analysis of the pinocchio’s native Collodi, and arrive at two aspects that evince indeed led Carlo Lorenzin to orchestrate the most unique fairytale. The village in itself being a replica of a fairyland, with its dreamy naturalness, hill backdrop, a brook, adorned baroque style villa garzoni, a cascade look alike - as the houses flow down the hill from the ancient fortress. The culture of puppet shows.

The project is initiated with the intention to preserve the collodi’s characteristics to keep intact the fairytale’s imagery that is being bestowed and to imagine the envelope of a library from a child’s perspective. The Blocks are sequenced to depict the village’s cascade profile in the background, adding a new look for a fairytale castle from every child’s perspective symphonizing with the collodi’s heritage.


Library blocks are stacked in various levels in order to serve as a joyous journey filled with fun, interactive and explorative place for children to live the childhood’s fantasy. Outdoor spaces are intertwined with indoor programs at each level parted with colour tinted glass wall illuminating bright colors inside out. Exterior skin is finished with metallic mirror that reflects the environment.

As a whole the structure reflects and illuminates with pop out colors enticing children and take back young adults to their childhood dreams. Children visitors in pinocchio library are exposed to Digital workshops, holographic experience, virtual game lounges relating to the books and plenty more programs as learning through senses increases understanding and communication.

Other Interventions

Existing paper factory is preserved and coupled with two interventions: the Auditorium and the media space. auditorium is added without disturbing the existing profile of the building. The fantasy drove the design to place towers to take a visual treat. Exhibition space is designed to enter through small mound openings above the ground level and explore the way down inside through exhibits. the open plaza and cafe caters to social leisure as the dining decks jut out the contour overlooks the brook embracing the shimmering views.