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Decathlon 2026

‘A sound mind in a sound body’ like the famous saying, the health of the body and prosperity in life goes hand in hand, which is essentially obligatory that the present generation seek for, in the expeditious tech-oriented hustle bustle life. Having said that, Sports, prominently avails to keep ourselves in good health. Sports is the most pleasurable way to gain good health as it provides a good deal of excitement and entertainment.

Note of intent on the project

Apparently, many establishme on the nts provide felicitous sport goods, where DECATHLON performs a splendid top player game ever since its venture 4 decades past. Innovation is the key role of the group’s success. At Decathlon, innovation is created in collaborative spirit.

As online sales increase and more shoppers are doing a greater amount of their purchasing online, performance at physical store is declining. On this scale, a store of the future is envisioned to have more declination of shopping over physical stores. Impulse areas require creativity.

Program of the store is coupled with rejuvenating sport activities along with the shopping experience to magnetize more people to shop physically.

Architecture for the future is towards sustainability. A healthy environment is critical and need to be conserved and enhanced.

Imagining the store of the future with transparent facades creating more openness and linking with the external environment, rather than the dark old shopping ambience. Green pockets within the building, make the users feel connected with the nature.

Frolic Frames

A cheerful experience in a sustainable framework.

Architecture of decathlon’s outlets when sequenced over its 4-decade timeline, we observe the concurrence of similar rigid massing. Leaving the synchrony undisturbed, decathlon’s decade future store is designed to bear its own massing with more innovative programs twined along its own purpose.

The Structure is designed to expose the vibrant framework materialising the sportive spirit, and the transparent membrane keeps connected with the surrounding.

The Green pockets within the structure regulates the air quality and enhances the visuals as well Sportsmen, inside the frolic frames not only shop their sport requirements but also experiences the sport with fellow sportsmen and tend to develop their skill together in an appealingly designed environment.